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Slitting & Folding

ADDEV Materials operates 5 different folding machines that can be used for a wide range of applications such as wipes, waxing strips or wide agricultural geotextile

Quarter folding

Industrial Hygiene

ZoomWe convert mother rolls that can be dyed, printed and quarter or Z-folded on our machines.
Wipes are packaged either in carboxes or under film. We can also package individually the wipes for retailing.


Industrial Hygiene

ZoomInterfolded wipes are highly convenient for industrial wipes, allowing the use of dispensers. Wipes can be presented in boxes or dispensing plastic bags.

Multiple folding

Building and Public Works

ZoomWe produce rolls of 2 m width, folded in 1 m. It allows us to propose PLV wrapping to House and Garden sales points.

Large width folding


ZoomFor agricultural markets, from up to 6 m wide rolls, we can convert rolls folded down to 2 m or folded formats.